Reasons why you need a mentor

Mentor:  A mentor is your guide or teacher to help you conquer your dreams. A mentor is a person who had already achieve a great success in the field in which you are struggling or want to succeed.

If you want to become successful in any particular profession, it could be a very long journey to achieve what you want in that field. At this time presence or guidance of right person can make your path easy. Your mentor will help you in building a strong foundation for your career. A mentor will make you aware of scopes which are unavailable to your right now.

Qualities of a good mentor:

  • Willingness to Share Skills, Knowledge and Expertise
  • Exhibits Enthusiasm in the profession
  • Provides Guidance and Constructive Feedback
  • Honest
  • Punctual
  • Flexible
  • Patient

Here few reasons why you need a mentor:

1. Experience:

This is one of most important thing which you only get from a mentor. Mentor shares his/her experience with you, which would be the plus point for you in your professional life. You’ll ahead of your competition. You can never get such experience from any book as you can get from a mentor.

2. Save your money & time:

This is true, your mentor will save you lots of money. Your mentor will stop you from taking wrong decisions which directly or indirectly save your money and time.

3. Connect you with right people:

Connection with right people is very important in every business, for any reason like expanding the business, investment, etc. In his/her life he/she had made great connect with lots of rights.

4. Motivates you:

This life, it’s not at any point you don’t know about your next moment whats going to happen is always certain. We don’t always win the game called life we have to face many setbacks before reaching any points. your mentor will have the better understanding of life and setbacks, he/she will motivate you to keep hustling in your life.

5. Opportunities:

Your mentors have a very vast knowledge of your profession, he/she already reached some in that particular profession. He/she will definitely have some vision and ideas about which a newbie can never think.

6. Your success chances will increases:

This proven fact that people with mentors more likely to succeed. 80% CEOs of big companies accept that they have received mentorship in some form.