How to overcome laziness any time

Laziness is situation everyone familiar with, we don’t do anything, we just want to lay down on the bed and doing nothing for whole the day. We get quickly tired after doing some work. We use to procrastinate things more frequently.

There is a very big difference between taking rest and being lazy. In the state of rest, we renege ourself and back to work again after some interval of time.  whereas in case of laziness we try to escape from work or any kind of activity.

Here few tips to overcome your laziness:

1. Break down your work into small tasks:

One of the biggest reason for the laziness in is the task you have to do. Believe me, most of the people firstly look at the size of work in front of you, we think that that particular work going to use too much of our time and we avoid that work.

So it’s better to break down your work into the small task, so your enthusiasm keeps on your work.  Take some small breaks during doing these tasks and give yourself small rewards on finishing a small task.

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2. Say no to multitasking:

If you try to do more than one task at a time, it will lead to a frustrated end neither your work will finish nor your productivity improves. It seems cool to going too many things at a time, once you start doing multi-tasking your laziness will also start increasing with the passage of time.  If you have to do too many things at a time chose the one thing which seems easy to you and thinks about the outcome of that work.

3. Find the value of work:

It’s obvious that you will do the work that will give you better outcome and have some benefits for you. No one wants to do the work doesn’t give you anything. Find the importance of work you are doing.

  • Write down all benefits
  • How this work going to help me in future( means find out the all the future scopes of that work)
  • Remap that work in your mind.

4. Stretching or exercise:

During your work when you start feeling lazy, hold your work and take a break immediately. During the break, you can take some stretching and exercise this will regulate the proper blood circulation in your body. This will increase your energy level and help you to work more efficiently.

5. Organise yourself:

The way you do the particular task can make you lazy. Doing a particular work in wrong time and in the wrong place can also lead frustration and laziness. Organise yourself and your workplace. Better your workplace better will be your outcome.