How to develop the art of never giving up

Never giving up, is the art or virtue that separate successful people from rest. Look at around you, you found every successful is a person who doesn’t give up easily. Never giving up is art that will make anyone successful in his/her life. You had seen people who had done impossible things, this is just because they didn’t give up early.

In ancient time people have to struggle for everything, for food, for shelter, for survival. People at that have to struggle a lot, without hard they can’t survive.  so they have not to give up on anything so easily unlike us today. We quite so easily when face difficulties in our ways. One of the biggest reason for this could be today’s technology and other facilities. Everythings has become so easy that we have to put minimum effort to do any kind of task. example:- we get food without doing anything and without going anywhere through the facility of home delivery. We had become so used to technology that we don’t want to do any struggle or we give up easily.

How to develop the art of never giving up:

1. Leave your past behind:

Some Times our past failure can influence our current struggle in a particular field. If you had failed in a field in the past that doesn’t mean that you going to fail again. Remove that past experience from your head or the better option is that use past to learn and find points in which you leged behind. Make the list of those points, and work on improving them. This preparation doesn’t let you quite.

2. Accept failure but don’t stop:

After doing lots of practice or hard work you failed. At moment accept failure, take rest, find reasons you failed, analyse your working strategy, you can even cry about your silly mistakes but you can’t stop. Get up prepare yourself once again for your target or goal, remember the reason why you started all this and for whom your doing this.

3. Create a strong burning desire:

If you don’t have a desire it means that you simply do not have enough emotion behind your actions.

“All great success ultimately begins with an idea, but what makes ideas become reality is the fuel of human desire” –Arnold Schwarzenegger

All success comes from a great idea, but its desire that converts the idea into reality. It’s idea that gives us inspiration but our desire keep us driving toward our dream and obstacles on the way.

Your desire to succeed should be as important as taking the breath.

4. Self-belief:

“Know yourself and you will win all battles” – Sun Tzu

One of the biggest reason why we quite, is lack of self-belief. It most important that you believe in yourself that you can achieve your goals. Believing that you can do it makes you halfway there.

5. Find a motivating mentor:

You don’t know what to do, how to do. You willing want to do something but you don’t have proper guidance, this could be the reason why we give up for many people out there. The best solution for this situation is that find a mentor for you, He/she have lots of experience in your field. He/she has already succeeded the field you want to succeed, they had already there. Mentor help you keep your focus on your target and achieving your target.

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6. Manage your life properly:

You just can’t give enough time for your goals or dreams, you have some other task to do. In today’s busy lifestyle, we sometimes make our life a mess. We don’t know whats happening. This is just because you don’t proper time management. This improper schedule we give up on our valuable dreams without knowing their importance. You did this because of you don’t have time. Try to manage your life this will never make you give up on anything.

Don’t give beginning is always hardest. Life puts you down sometimes but doesn’t give up, get up and show who is stronger.