Eliminate these habits from your life

Habits are your daily routine which you repeat regularly. Most part of our day is affected by our habits. We all have some habits, few are good for us and some are dangerous for us. Good habits help you to achieve your goals and make us happy. Whereas bad habits have some long-term bad impacts on our life.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”  Warren Buffett

Here some habits which you must eliminate from your life:

1. Using mobile, laptop, tablet in bed:

Accept this we all use smartphones before going to bed, we found ourself gazing into smartphones screen every night. This will disturb your sleeping pattern. Most of the laptops, smartphone screen produce the short wavelength blue light directly on our face. This exposure impairs melatonin production and interferes with your ability to fall asleep as well as with the quality of your sleep once you do nod off.

2. Surfing too much internet:

You go to google just check the list of the top10 cryptocurrencies, after 15 minutes you found yourself checking out the gossips of celebrities. I know their no connection between these two things but that’s the point. The Internet is full of nonsense and unimportant links.  I am not saying the internet is waste of time, I just want to say that use internet for your work and improving your knowledge. Use trusted website and blogs, avoid visiting random links.

3. Stop watching too much T.V. :

Watching t.v. is just waste of time especially when you are watching movies and T.V. serials. These T.V. serials become addictive with time and finally make you lose your valuable time.

4. Stop eating too much junk food:

We all love junk food as it tastes awesome, there is a reason why it is called junk food. These unhealthy and unhygienic foodstuffs wreak havoc on our health in the longer run. Today’s generation is too lazy to paper their meal at home, due to easy availability and services like home delivery make today’ generation easy fall for the junk food.

5. Saying too much “Yes” :

Stop saying “yes” when you don’t have to. Do say yes just because someone is forcing you.

6. Feeling anxious all the time:

Anxiety is not only harmful to your body but to your spirituality as well. Too much anxiety is likely to lead to depression. It’s okay to feel anxious when your work is about to be evaluated because this means it’s important to you. Make sure you have done all you can to give your best. However, feeling anxious all the time is not good. This will prevent you from seeing things as they are and will harm your spiritual connection.