50 Ways to improve your life

Life is not fair, we all know this fact.  We don’t even know what is going to happen tomorrow. but we can do one thing that we can improve our present. We can few changes which will lead to huge improvement in your life.

50 Ways to improve your life:

  1. set one goal for one month, one year, etc
  2. watch less television
  3. read more
  4. sleep well
  5. spend less than you earn
  6. exercise
  7. eat healthier
  8. don’t settle
  9. start a side hustle
  10. stop time wasting
  11. save money
  12. get a new hobby
  13. express love more often
  14. talk to your family more
  15. be responsible
  16. don’t procrastinate
  17. keep your house/environment clean
  18. avoid negativity
  19. be positive
  20. love yourself
  21. embrace good-natured mistakes
  22. escape your comfort zone when possible
  23. appreciate the things around you
  24. be less materialistic
  25. travel more often
  26. spend some time with nature
  27. don’t be so hard on yourself
  28. take care of your body
  29. follow your dreams and goals
  30. don’t fall to peer-pressure
  31. do whatever feels right, not wrong
  32. fix your posture
  33. be outcome-independent
  34. have a daily to-do list
  35. give up bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc
  36. party less
  37. spend time with animals(pets)
  38. drink more water
  39. have a diary
  40. learn when to say no
  41. be early in your daily happenings
  42. give more compliments
  43. try new things
  44. don’t multitask
  45. take risk
  46. be a creator; don’t use social media as an audience
  47. engage in positive self-talk
  48. meditate
  49. value your opinion more than other
  50. be happy